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Menopause is often accompanied by symptoms such as high blood pressure and night sweats. Whilst on the surface these two conditions may appear to have little in common, they can in fact be the result of the same thing – hormonal fluctuations. In order to better manage..
19 September, 2012 1 Comment
High Blood Pressure (BP), also called Hypertension, is a risk factor for heart and kidney disorders and strokes. Lowering high BP, or keeping it normal, can help avoid heart problems. Here’s how you can do this. It also matters where you are overweight. People with a pot-belly..
19 September, 2012 1 Comment
Winter is easy to cause “problems” for people with high blood pressure and also the most difficult to control blood pressure season. Low temperatures – The culprit of hypertension Cold weather, the blood pressure is not easy to control, mainly cause dangerous complications. Due to low winter..
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According to the World Health Organization, hypertension is now considered one of the 10 dangerous diseases affect human health can lower the age from 10 to 20. The fact also shows the consequences of improper treatment of hypertension will lead to the sudden high blood pressure can..
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Try these purely natural methods to minimize your hypertension. Quit smoking.Not just will this assist keep your blood pressure in line, you’ll also diminish the chances of cancer tumors and additionally cardio diseases. Smoking is primary danger aspect for atherosclerosis.Smoking injures blood vessel walls and speed up..